Jason Townley – Sound Engineer

Photo By: Lauren TownleyJason began running sound in the late 90’s. He stumbled upon a band that was jamming in the local Saratoga scene. Instantly, he wanted to capture the music and start collecting local musicians live music. He had just finished college and had the summer to dtoy around. Grabbing his fathers reel to reel, he set out to tape his first show. After listening to what he had recorded, he asked if he might be able to adjust some of the levels and eq some of the settings on the board. Soon after that, the band bought a snake, had him set up out front and he began the taping and running sound for local band Half Step.

After a couple of years with Half Step a car accident put one of the members of the band out of commission. To fill the void local area musician Nick Landess joined up with the band for a couple of shows and asked Jason if he was interested in working with his other band, Loader. Loader consisted of Nick, Rob Beaulieu, Rick Annen, and Eugene Datri. Loader soon became Raisinhead and then Raisinhead morphed into The Stone Revival Band and Council Fire.

Jason has worked at many local Albany and Saratoga venues as well as being in just about every corner of the Adirondacks. In 2001 Undertaper Productions was born after landing a full time position at Club Caroline ( Formaly Aiko’s ) on Caroline St in Saratoga Springs, NY. Despite doing some sound for local bands on the side he is and has been committed to The Stone Revival Band and all of it’s musical children. Jason is the webmaster of this site and the sites for the listed bands.

Recent rebranding of Undertaper Productions has lead Jason to Townley Sound which will hopefully be a not to far off in the distant live recording studio.