Rob Beaulieu – Guitar

Rob Learned how to play guitar while in college. Following Graduation and a brief hockey career including some time playing professional teams in Europe Rob basically retired from hockey and devoted himself to playing guitar. Rob was taught by Dave Malachowski and Chuck D’Aloia two nationally recognized guitar greats.

Rob played in numerous bands including a run with Slipknot, Soul Shock, Loader and as a member of Kim Buckley’s recording and touring band for 3 years. After the demise of Kim’s project and the splintering of loader Rob formed his own project called Raisinhead which has successfully toured the Northeast for 9 years. Rob has become known for his melodic approach to soloing and for his knack for Americana songwriting and story telling. Albums include: Back to the Tracks, Evoking the Sun, Raisinhead, Council Fire.

Rob has had numerous side projects and currently divides his time between Council Fire, The Stone Revival Band and Raisinhead.

Current gear: Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster, 1967 Fender Vibrolux, Q-tron, Cry baby wah, Barber tone press compressor, Fulltone Overdrive, Fulltone Soulbender, Ibanez Sound Tank Delay, Delayla Delay.

“Raisinhead leader Rob Beaulieu is a certified practitioner of the jam band arts. But Evoking the Sun, his second record in only twice as many years, Beaulieu sounds best when he strays from noodle rock revelry and dips deep in the funk. Sally is a serious trek through Meters territory, repleat with Tower of Power-ed horns and a killer second line groove. Pulse is a filthy, down home slide guitar work out that owes more to the swamp than it does to the suburbs. And Beaulieu is one bad dude when he wants to be. Not that he should hang up his jammin’ shoes; they’re still a good fit. But Beaulieu is not faking the funk, so let’s hope he explores that side of the Raisin sometime soon”
Bradley Farberman
Relix Magazine

“Beaulieu creates a timeless rock’n roll sound with introspective lyrics, memorable vocal melodies and great guitar playing. Beaulieu has always been passionate about music, the local music scene and life. “Evoking the Sun” is the perfect collection of his songs that reflects that.”
Todd Pasternack
The Record (Troy)

Rob Beaulieu’s, “Evoking the Sun”
I remember singer/guitarist/songwriter Rob Beaulieu (Raisinhead) telling me in an interview about how influential the classic sounds of blues, soul, gospel, folk and rock music are in his playing. He’s soaked up all of those rootsy old school vintage sounds and squeezed them out all over his new album Evoking the Sun. The reggae-tinged upbeat opener “Ten Long Years” starts the album off on a high note. Its nostalgic lyrics are a wall of ambiguity where each verse can either leave you feeling inner-darkness or optimism leading up to the powerful chorus “While I was dreamin’/ I lost my touch with you.” The real meat of the album picks up with the horn infused soul boogie “Sally,” followed by the guitar-drivin “Springtime.” On “Lightning” Beaulieu goes Daltry, and totally pulls it off in this monster four-minute rock tune. Guitar heroics follow on “Willie Brown” before closing the album with another dimension of Beaulieu: the folkie. The introspective and harsh, yet rewardingly honesty of “Blinding Light” is a fitting end to Evoking the Sun. Sonically, Evoking the Sun doesn’t enter any uncharted territory, but Beaulieu’s old school roots sound is lively and pleasantly refreshing. And even though his songwriting skills surpass his vocal range, it’s all forgivable: a good tune is a good tune, and Evoking the Sun has plenty of them.
Mike Mckinley

“A fun romp through rock, reggae, funk and ballads”

“This terrific album is a big winner all the way: with funky grooves inspired by soul, reggae, R&B and blues: bold beefy guitar riffing and Beaulieu’s sweet, strong, soulful voice on top.”
Michael Hochanadel
The Daily Gazette

“A fine rock guitarist himself Beaulieu also enlists fellow fret-masters Todd Nelson and the versitile Chuck D’Aloia”
Michael Hochanadel
The Daily Gazette

Raisinhead’s … recent disc “Back To the Tracks” gives Classic Rock a funky rubdown with deceptively tight chops, residing in the organic garden space between moe. and Taj Mahal.
Nathan Turk
Syracuse New Times

On Friday night, the jam band specialist of Raisinhead uncork their soaring new CD single, “It’s Alright,” the follow-up to the band’s debut album, “Back to the Tracks.” Recorded at Blue Sky Recording in Delmar and produced by Chuck D’Aloia, the new single was originally recorded for an upcoming CD compilation sponsored by Relix Magazine. Penned by guitarist-vocalist-bandleader Rob Beaulieu, “It’s Alright” is a melodic, gently chugging gem loaded with vocal harmonies and a soaring arrangement.
Greg Haymes
The Times Union

Some of the most polished songwriting anyone is likely to come across this year comes from Rob Beaulieu and the NY band Raisinhead. Their latest, Back To The Tracks, brings a slew of engaging musical styles performed by well worn jam band veterans.

“Autumn” begins the recording and sets the standard, laying down an engaging vibe wrapped up in the warm vocals of Nick Landess. If you mixed the sounds of the south with a great NY band like God Street Wine the resulting sound might be something like “Autumn.” Brian Mangini’s keyboards shine alongside Beaulieu”s sparkling solos.

“Never Die” has a deeply rooted feel to it and let’s loose with a rocking mid-section, courtesy of Apicelli’s driving rhythms. A great sentiment fills the structure of a man who’s been through the relationship grinder one too many times. “I wish I saw your mess and your bullet proof vest comin’ up around the bend.” Landess sings with conviction. “Rock Cut Road” ventures into Little Feat Territory with Mangini tinkling the ivories and Todd nelson’s slide guitar holding the boogie tight. An open ended jam ensues, balanced by Pirozzi’s heavy bass slapping, gluing the sound together.

With references to New Orleans, Memphis and Mississippi Mr. Beaulieu and Raisinhead bring forth the appropriate swampy improvisations and Cajun cookin’ to the proceedings. “Old Wind” has a well worn pace that is filled out by Beaulieu’s lead vocals, Mangini’s b-3 accents and Beaulieu’s soulful acoustic ramblings that fit the number’s mood like a pair of well worn shoes.

Rob Beaulieu and Raisinhead have joined together on Back to The Tracks to create a high quality song craft with dancing melodies and precision musicianship. It’s one of those rare cd’s you will find yourself going back to time after time.
Bill Whiting – An Honest Tune Magazine

‘Back to the Tracks’ (is) a highly ambitious and impressively accomplished effort with strong songs and superb performances.”
Michael Hochanadel of the Daily Gazette
“Back to the Tracks” is lyrically comforting; telling us a story we can all relate to, and is musically diverse and sublime – a very refreshing sound.”
McKinley of